Welcome to Jim Slip's mad, mad, World! Here my wife, Lara, films me shagging the cutest girls on Earth! Watch, as I am ordered to fuck 100's, yes 100's! of these babes, by my ever demanding wife!

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Jim Slip Favourites
Some of my favourite babes!
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Jim Slip Adventures
Take a look at my adventures
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12 Glorious Years of Jim
A trip down memory lane!
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ALL about Lara's Playground
I'm organising my own fun
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Jim Slip adventures | 672+ Videos

I reached for my smelling salts!
As you will see from last weeks episode, it takes a master of dexterity to handle a camcorder and a wanton slut, all at the same time. They certainly don't teach you photography...
10.159 views | 645 likes
Bum-Fun Bonanza
Is there no stopping this girl? Anita remind me of one of those Duracell Bunnies that never runs out of power. Just when I thought we might stop for a break, she was back for more.
14.318 views | 833 likes
Hostess with the Mostest!
This week we have the lovely air hostess, Sunny Diamond. I stumbled on her during one of my streets trawls for fresh meat. Sunny was enjoying the lovely weather during a...
11.463 views | 674 likes
Fist of Fury!
As jimslip.com members will have gloated over, Lyen was gagging for cock. The fact that she had had the foresight to wear a sexy, fishnet body stocking UNDER her rubber...
12.805 views | 768 likes
The 'Harlot of Hades!'
Last weeks casting with Savanna showed how thin the line is that separates us all from the treacherous path of righteousness and the abyss of Hell Fire! Having got a taste...
13.857 views | 694 likes
Ananter morphs into sexy nurse!
As Jim Slip members will have seen, Ananter showed her prowess as a camera girl when she donned the headphones and filmed me screwing her on the sofa. As you can imagine it...
12.248 views | 768 likes
Tram driver takes a detour!
This week ladies and gentlemen, we have a sexy tram-driver from Zagreb in Croatia. Coaxed into the world of sleaze by her "Blakey, from "On The Buses" sounding inspector...
10.521 views | 598 likes
OK, thanks to YOU I can call myself the luckiest man in Britain!: I keep fucking one hot girl after the other, something most man can only dream of. PLUS: One of my biggest...
12.711 views | 748 likes
Wunderbar Vander
I am sure many of you will remember, some time ago, the stunning Vander strutting around dressed in a sexy school uniform. I am also sure that many of you will wince as you...
10.667 views | 584 likes
Top Class Totty
This week Jim Slip brings you a touch of class! A beautiful woman that enjoys the high life. Valentina, a woman that has her Ferrero Roche chocolates delivered by helicopters...
14.449 views | 767 likes
Lexi Lou Back for You!
Many members will have seen the great update that Lexi and Lara did some time ago. They will also know that I was dragged into their hot lesbo shenanigans on the bed.
11.008 views | 671 likes
Skimpiest denims on earth!
How these girls squeeze themselves into these tiny little shorts leaves me wondering how they don't do themselves a mischief! Stacy Snake as she chose to call herself...
13.357 views | 795 likes
My poor pussy got all wet!
This week we have the lovely, feline, Kitty Kat who was desperate to be included in the wanton depravity that is jimslip.com. With a name like Kitty Kat it was quite...
12.963 views | 747 likes
A film school student
People have been writing in saying, "Jim, why can't every week be school uniform week?" Well in a perfect world it would be, but girls should be able to wear other...
13.852 views | 736 likes
Worship The Arse!
This week we have the gorgeous Viktoria, yet another TOTAL BABE! A babe with a body that must have been fashioned in the Fires of Hell by the Devil's own hand! A body...
12.689 views | 724 likes
We have a University student
If you thought that it was the end of the babes, I'm afraid you are wrong! This week we have University student, Nataly from Russia, the World's largest exporter of...
11.277 views | 629 likes
A teen dream from Heaven
As promised, I bring you yet another gorgeous teen from the frozen wastes of Russia. Well, I actually met her in Budapest, admiring a Hungarian statue and thought I...
12.267 views | 722 likes
Looking back through the JimSlip website is always such fun. Especially when I have one thought on my mind....which girl would I love to fuck! I'd actually filmed Amirah...
11.053 views | 743 likes
Susan in seams!
As you all saw, our sexy secretary Susan passed her audition with flying colours and I rejoiced when Lara grabbed the camera and I leapt on to Susan like a madman! It was at...
13.785 views | 789 likes
Ooh! La! La!
I pounced on her when I saw her looking at a map and thought, "Hmm, looks like she is a lost tourist, I must go and assist her!" Anyway, to cut a long story short, I...
15.681 views | 837 likes
Prowling the streets for tasty birds
Yet again, here I am prowling the streets for tasty birds! Is there no rest for me from my eternal quest for new, young flesh you all to drool over? You are indeed cruel...
12.283 views | 702 likes
Banana gunslinging babe!
This week we a have student gorgeous babe called Anastasia. Plucked from the streets by yours truly and lured back to my lair for some hot, steamy, action. Anastasia...
12.774 views | 716 likes
Welcome gift turns to threesome frenzy!
Well as members would have seen in last weeks episode, Lara and Gina were having a whale of a time in hot frenzied lesbo action, but as I have seen all too many times the...
13.964 views | 753 likes
The shortest shorts on Earth?
This week we have one of the cutest and sexiest babes ever to grace the pages of jimslip.com! Lara and I were out and about trawling the parks, but this time we found...
12.889 views | 720 likes
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